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Glass Buildings

Storage Solutions

Storage solutions that fit your needs.

Customers love that the MCF Center hub is right in the heart of NYC, making shipping and distribution fast and efficient to all parts of the US, Canada, and the World. Our storage solutions couldn't be easier with our "fit as you go" storage spaces.


We cater to fit your inventory needs -  meaning, we offer different sized storage spaces that are right for your changing stock levels at any given time. 

Our flat rate storage fees allow your stock to fit into these basic size spaces:

Small Storage - up to 2 x 2 x 4 ft. Over 16cft auto-increases to Standard Storage.

Standard Storage - up to 5 x 10 x 10 ft. No limit to storage option. Over 500cft rolls over into next Bin or Standard size.

A fulfillment center that protects your products.

We ensure that your products are stored properly and strategically, giving each item the respect it deserves. Have tradeshow samples or overstock product you need to store? We can help you. With great rates and no hidden fees, we inbound your items and watch them for you until you need them next 

Why choose us for product storage?

With first class customer service and knowledgable experts who care, you can rest easily knowing that your products are safe, secure, and in good hands.

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